Invaluable—And Simple—Advice For Succeeding At Your First Job

“Your first job is not only about showing that you can get the job done,” Thorin Klosowski writes at Lifehacker. After the thrill of the hire and the trial of negotiation, the maiden voyage begins—one in which you’ll need all the connections and tricks of the trade that you can develop from the beginning.

Relish the grunt-work

When you’re starting out at a new gig, you’re naturally going to be doing low-level work for you employers—meaning that your dazzling gifts are going to be muted for a minute. The best way you can differentiate yourself from the rest of the entry-level gaggle is by hustling harder than anybody else—and rejoicing in it.

Be on point at all points

It’s all about those little trust-building details that will be foundational to your working relationships and your personal brand: you need to always be on time (or early) and make all your deadlines, enabled by the subtle arts of organization. Keeping your desk clean—literally and metaphorically—will signal that you’re dependable.

Get to know the people

Meet everyone. Have lunch. Make friends. Form bonds. Gain trust.

Ask questions

The best thing you can do for yourself is to get the job done right the first time—and you can do that by asking process questions as set out on the task. 

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